History and beginnings

Our gallery has existed since the 1970s. It was founded by our parents who had a history of collecting. We grew up visiting the main exhibitions in the sector: in addition to Palazzo Strozzi and the first elegant Biennales in Milan, we have the ancient exhibitions in Cortona and Todi in our eyes. When we were kids, we were lucky enough to frequent many antique dealers all over Italy. We witnessed the game of antiques, which had a great boom in the 70s and 80s: majolica, furniture, stone or iron objects, all linked to the dream of the high period.


Initially we delved into Medieval and Renaissance majolica, an ancient family passion, participating in the first historic editions of the International Biennial of Ceramics in Faenza.
Then we specialised, Valerio in furniture and wooden sculpture, Giovanni in Italian still life. In this field we have carried out important initiatives, such as the exhibitions entitled Il trionfo della Natura (a journey through the still life of Baroque Italy) and I fiori di Francesca (Francesca's flowers) (the first exhibition dedicated to the painter Francesca Vicenzina).
With the help of the most accredited professors, we have grown in the search for increasingly rare and important objects; We are lenders for cultural exhibitions and some of our works have been museumised.
We have never wanted to specialise in a single merchandise genre: the common denominator of the objects we deal with is quality and taste. Over time, the pleasure of research has taken over from the desire to possess.
We take part in the most prestigious Italian exhibitions, including the Florence Biennale and Modenantiquaria.